What does this new school offer our families?

The Wartburg International School Europe offers children
from the region and from all over the world
the opportunity to unfold their personality and their talents.
Here they can learn in a simulating, innovative environment.
In the geographic center of Germany, children study efficiently, successfully and stress-free.

As a comprehensive school from class 1 to school leaving exams,
it is a bilingual, healthy and life-enhancing learning lab.


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In the heart of Germany

Our school is centrally located between Frankfurt am Main und Leipzig, between Berlin and Stuttgart, and between Munich and Hamburg.


Dr. Johannes Hanel

Goethestr. 23
99817 Eisenach

Tel. 0049 – 36 91 – 70 82 62
Fax.0049 – 56 51 – 022 900 37